Group tour/10-day-uganda-wild-life-experience/

Explore Uganda and see its beautiful landscapes, the savanna meeting the highlands rain forests, many different amazing cultures which are so welcoming and friendly, abundant wildlife and its unforgettable primates mostly the Gorillas and chimpanzees. Just join a group tour in Uganda that departs on 19th/June/ 2019 and ends on 28th/June/2019. Please follow the link

10-Day Uganda Wild Life Experience

Highlights: Gorilla trekking, Rhino tracking, Chimps trekking, Game drives, Boat cruise, Crater lakes experience. Accommodation level: Mix of budget and Mid-range National parks: Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi impenetrable, Ziwa rhino sanctuary. Day 1 Safari Start and Visit to Rhino sanctuary Meet your safari guide and leave Entebbe/Kampala in the morning for you Tour Uganda