It’s unfortunate that some international travellers still think of Uganda as a war torn country exposed to famine and diseases. This is far from the truth, peace, security and stability have been restored for many years now and tourism is done smoothly within the country.

The Ugandan people are warm, welcoming, helpful and always smiling. You will encounter Ugandan children running up to you greeting, waving with their big smiles.

2010 there were 946,000 international tourists, and in 2016 Uganda bested all its East African neighbours as far as tourist numbers, drawing in more than 1.4 million visitors, increasing in 2018 with a forecast of 1.56millon tourists. Uganda at current levels is predicting an estimate of 4 million yearly global tourists by 2020.

There are now several major international airlines that fly daily to Entebbe International Airport.

Uganda boasts many hotels ranging from budget to exclusive and have opened their doors for tourists to all cities with many more under construction all over the country.

New roads and freeways that have been established to open the nation’s remote tourist destinations, with many more about to be commissioned to make the drive more pleasant around the country.

Tours/safaris have increased in all the national parks, as indicated by information from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), the government agency that is responsible for the 10 national parks, 12 wildlife reserves in the country, 5 community wildlife management areas and 13 wildlife sanctuaries.

Uganda was positioned as the fourth best nation in the world to visit in 2017 by Rough Guides, one of the leading UK travel publishers.

Tours and safaris are very affordable in Uganda compared to Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa etc. In most parks in Uganda you will be the only one to reap the rewards instead of competing against other tourist vehicles like some other African countries. The many reviews of Ugandan tours/safaris give more value and excitement for your money spent.

Uganda has a vast amount of Fauna and Flora, including the Big 5, chimpanzees and the majestic and unforgettable gorillas.

Gorilla trekking popularity has increased recently due to the competitive price of gorilla permits in Uganda, in comparison to other countries, who charge up to $1,500pp – which is more than double the price.

Touring or undertaking a safari in Uganda is the experience of a lifetime which will leave you with countless memories that you will be unable to stop reminiscing about. The Ugandan experience is truly a heaven on earth experience with its beautiful landscapes, the Savannah meeting the central African highland rainforests, the many cultures, abundant wildlife and its unforgettable primates. It’s easy to understand why Uganda is referred to as the “Pearl Of Africa.”

First time adventurers always have safety related concerns. Our tours/safaris are always co-ordinated ensuring that the safety of our guests is our number one priority. All tours that are conducted within our national parks are chaperoned by professional, experienced guides and or rangers who are committed to ensuring your safety.

Let our team assist you in creating a magical Ugandan experience. With our many years of service and experience we will ensure that your stay, safari and tour are one of the most, unforgettable, memorable moments in your life no matter how long or short your stay will be.


  • Make sure you have all the appropriate travel vaccinations including yellow fever
  • Tipping is not an option but is at your own discretion if you are happy with the service provided, can be in ugandan shillings or american dollars
  • Bring good insect repellent wich contain high deet ingredient, some natural repellents work just as good
  • Try to wear plain light natural coloured clothing avoid dark blue & black, avoid bright or camoflage clothing
  • Wear hat, long pants and long sleeves, trekking boots or trekking shoes when in the jungle/forest, a light jumper and light raincoat should be packed
  • Do not intimidate or feed any wildlife and listen to your guide and or ranger.
  • Car charger and battery pack for charging your devices should be packed if on safari
  • Compact zoom camera will get you that close up picture a phone camera will always get you a picture as you do get up close to some animals. Flash should be avoided especially with the primates. Don’t forget the selfie stick
  • In uganda vehicles travel on the left-hand side of the road
  • Change some of your currency for some ugandan shillings as locals prefer this, atm’s are in major cities, most accomadation do take credit cards

Uganda "the pearl of Africa" is blessed with all kinds of primates and you can trek both the Mountain Gorillas and chimps here. The Mountain gorillas can be found in Bwindi impenetrable forest then the chimps can be found in Kibale forest National Park.