Longer safaris in Uganda

Have time to explore our beautiful Uganda. Here you find itineraries for safaris of 8 days and up. All the itineraries can be adapted to fit your wishes.

Kidepo & Murchison Falls safari – 8 days

Experience two Uganda’s great parks. Kidepo Valley National Park offers an experience out of the ordinary with few tourists around. In Murchison Falls National Park you will go for a boat-cruise on the Nile, see the top of the falls and trek chimps.
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8-Day the Rwanda, Uganda Gorillas and Mburo Safari

Visit Uganda, Rwanda Gorillas with an opportunity also to take a walking safari in lake mburo Uganda

Accommodation before the tour departs can be arranged for an extra cost.
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Uganda safari – 8 days

The focus in this safari is on the animals of the savanna. You will go to Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo searching for giraffes, elephants, tree-climbing lions, zebras and more during game-drives, boat-cruises and a safari walk.
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Rwenzori Hike – 9 days

Go for a hike in Rwenzori Mountain National Park. The hike takes 7 days and it takes you through a changing landscape passing by for example cultivated land, bamboo forest, an area with giant lobelia and alpine zone. The highlight is the climb of Margherita Peak at 5.109m.
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Tour Uganda safari – 10 days

This is the trip for you if you want to see some of the best of Uganda but you are not interested in trekking the gorillas. Go to Murchison Falls NP for giraffes, Queen Elizabeth NP for lions and chimps, Lake Bunyonyi for relaxation and Lake Mburo NP for zebras.
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Uganda experience safari – 12 days

Get a great experience of Uganda during this safari. Trek mountain gorillas & chimps, search for tree-climbing lions during a game-drive, spot animals on the shores from boat-cruises, go for a safari walk and more.
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Discover Uganda – 14 days

Go for a trip around Uganda enjoying a walk with rhinos, game-drives in 3 national parks, boat-cruises spotting animals by the shores on the Nile and Kazinga channel, Chimps trekking, Gorilla trekking and relaxation by Lake Bunyonyi.
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Adventure in Uganda – 15 days

Come for an adventure in Uganda. This safari takes you rafting on the mighty Nile, hiking in the Rwenzori mountains and trekking Mountain Gorillas. At the end of it all you will have time to relax by the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi.
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Full Uganda safari- 18 days

This safari includes the remote Kidepo Valley NP with its untouched wilderness as well as gorillas in Bwindi NP, chimps in Kibale Forest NP, a boat cruise on the Nile, tree-climbing lions in Ishasha part of Queen Elizabeth NP and much more.
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8 Day Ultimate Uganda Safaris

Karumuna Safaris Safaris invites you to experience a safari vacation in the natural beauty of Uganda. Enjoy game drives safari at Lake Mburo National Park, Lake Bunyonyi, and Queen Elizabeth National Park from a luxurious 4-wheel drive vehicle. Your English-speaking guide / driver will help you answer all your curiosity about this magical country’s animals. Let Karumuna Safaris welcome you to Uganda and discover more about various incredible animals!
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Discover Uganda safari – 9 days

During this safari you will meet the primates of Uganda with trekking of both chimps & gorillas and you will search for the animals of the savanna in Queen Elizabeth NP and Lake Mburo NP. During a community walk you will see Ugandan life and along the roads see Uganda’s beautiful nature. You will most definitely discover the beauty of Uganda.
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Family Safari in Uganda – 11 Days

Take your family on an adventure to Uganda. This trip shows you some of the best of Uganda in a tempo adapted to children, discover the Pearl of Africa together. You will discover the bustling city of Kampala, visit 3 national parks with exciting wildlife and relax by the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi all in a tempo adapted to suit children.
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15-Day Gorilla, Lions and Waterfalls Safari [Private Tour]

This Fifteen Day safari lets you visit Four top National parks with a memorable experience of the wild in these areas which include, Gorillas, Climbing Lions, in this trip you catch the Big Five animals and climax this trip with a white water raft and a shoebill tour just before your flight.
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20 Days Discover Uganda’s Wildlife North to South Safari

Highlights: Source of the Nile, hike on Sipi falls, Game drives, boat cruise, chimp trekking, gorilla trekking, safari walk.

National parks: Kidepo NP, Murchison NP, Kibale NP, Queen Elizabeth NP, Bwindi impenetrable NP, lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mburo NP, Source of the Nile.

Accommodation level: mix of budget and mid-range.
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Discover Uganda and Rwanda- 15 days

Discover Uganda and Rwanda safari- 15 days adventuring the beautiful sceneries and attractions of Uganda and Rwanda which will include a number of activities like gorilla trekking, chimps trekking, game drives, boat cruise, safari walk, rhino trekking, crater lake experience, bigodi swamp walk, Golden monkey tracking, Dian fossey tomb hike, iby’ Iby’Icwachu, and city walk in Kigali with Mid-range accommodation
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